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MONCLER 2015 trip to Antarctica

Follow Chogori (K2) footprint –2014, the explorers wearing Cheap MonclerJackets clothing UNITA can gaze aspirations Chogori again, it can not help but recall the glory away feat in 1954. Vaguely, but after sixty years of overload witness a bond can gaze Moncler alliance with extreme adventure sports, Antarctica Tour 2015 will once again open a new chapter. UNITA can gaze Moncler will join renowned explorer Michele Pontrandolfo challenge to the world’s first trip to the South Pole alone. Brave adventurers will be starting in November 2015, it is scheduled for January 2016 arrival.



Extreme cold weather for the South Pole, the Union can gaze Moncler Man is Pontrandolfo tailor created all the technical equipment, seemingly ordinary clothes but combines the superior performance, functionality and the technical clothing to the limit.

Michele Pontrandolfo can be described as the greatest explorer of Italian international, it has so far carried out more than fourteen times a polar expedition. Particularly worth mentioning is that, Michele arrived at the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Australia geographic North Pole alone in 2012, and from north to south through the whole of Greenland. In addition, Michele Pontrandolfo is covered a wide range of moncler outlet uk for sports madman, good athletics, mountain biking, downhill skiing and skydiving and other sports, has created more than 400 high-altitude parachute landing amazing record. The news from the web >>> http://www.moncleroutletonline.co.uk/category/moncler-outlet/

It is such an extraordinary experience can not help feeling its abundant energy and fearless courage. Surprisingly, Michele Pontrandolfo who always flowing natured calm after the sails had to do, even if he is about to leave in mid-November, into an incredible new adventure; will walk on an oasis in the ice, alone against minus 40-50 ℃ The cold wind; will meet the dual challenge of climate extremes and psychological ups and downs, control the powerful inner world of cheap moncler jackets adventure to complete an unprecedented feat. Michele has repeatedly emphasized that everyone has a strong heart, “I do not agree with ‘Challenge’ is a word. My experience just to prove that everyone can complete the so-called ‘feat’. When every day is about to end it, a I think that is today able to give others confidence, so that more people achieve goals that you set, I would think this is a full and meaningful day. reach a small goal every day, over time will benefit, is called ‘plot A short step, a thousand miles’. ”

2015 Antarctic journey different from the past, Michele Pontrandolfo set itself a more stringent targets. He plans across the vast Antarctic continent within three months, arrived in the geographic South Pole. He will face from 0 to 3800 meters of elevation drop, or even to walk alone 4000 km in the ice kingdom. Magnificent Antarctic ice sheet, under the snow contains infinite strength, non-physical fitness can not conquer. Moreover, traveling alone need to have a strong mind. According to optimistic estimates, adventure route with the nearest human settlement 1,500 kilometers apart. Healthy and stable state of mind in order to ensure Ray Ban Wholesale they are not eroded long loneliness. Faced with such a challenge, even the minutiae of negligence, may cause irretrievable losses, attendant perhaps fatal. It is full of infinite variables and risk endless journey. “It is awe to my safe return,” Michele simple rustic language journey sentiment could go on: “It is even more loyal to the fact that rational and keep imperial police state naturally bears Armageddon absolute power. Everything human beings have is a gift of nature, ice or natural elements gave me strength whenever cold wind swept face, body and mind feel freedom, reminding us of scenes a new life, even if sometimes the wind was too strong, blurring the horizon . between heaven and earth only a blaze of glory before the wind with me through the long road, the wind and the line is terrific. All the equipment and supplies are shipped in weighing 11 kg, up to 2.4 meters on a trailer, when the trailer as black and white downwind Kay after huge snow sled kite Fula Er, suddenly a lot of light. ”

Michele Pontrandolfo Last added: “The cooperation with the AU can gaze Moncler ON Sale very pleasant, quite a tacit understanding with each other, whether technical, organizational or support guide levels, are like the heart have everything perfect fit can gaze Moncler Jacket Sale Union by virtue of the garment material. a thorough understanding and deep research, my tailor a range of high performance technical clothing to meet all the needs of expedition, including the extremely tiny details of the requirements. ”

Polar explorer will be wearing a Union Department Grey ice cold gaze Moncler Outlet clothing Open 2015 Antarctica trip. The series of clothing inspired by the AU can gaze Moncler 2015-16 winter series of unique technical design, functional jacket gives superior performance and high-tech factor. Novel and unique style design and into the pure color into neat, white, mysterious black, crimson, blue, green are exquisite. Main technical performance and design details include high impermeability, water resistance, low temperature accessories, joint locks thermal technology, thermal insulation resistance, high fill factor to ensure the best comfort to experience extreme conditions.

Moncler jackets jointly launched cooperation with New Era New

Moncler Outlet UK and New Era together create creative baseball cap series. New Era is the US Major League Baseball and the National Football League official supplier, providing long-term well-designed, highly personalized baseball cap for the both world’s top league. As a popular global fashion items, New Era baseball cap has won numerous NBA basketball star and hip-hop artists of all ages. This, Moncler ingenuity with aesthetic design typical of the brand integration of New Era’s fashion trends, and strive to create a timeless classic fashion accessories.


Since the seventies of last century, baseball cap hip-hop music and became a symbol of youthful and dynamic. Moncler Jacket Outlet New Era to join together to explore new areas of fashion – to learn cultural elements of different styles, innovative interpretation of the basketball and street culture is closely related to the art baseball cap. The series total pure white baseball cap, pleasing red, cool black three designs to the AU can gaze Moncler Sale exclusive glossy nylon fabric is refined, along with appropriateness comfortable cotton lining, it can be described as the pursuit of eye-catching style and Oakley Australia comfort the best choice for fashion. The new alliance can gaze Moncler & New Era baseball cap special series will cooperate in October 2015 fully landed alliance can gaze Moncler brand stores, Moncler official website as well as New Era stores.

January 2015 – October, Moncler UK core profit totaled 174.5 million euros, substantially in line with analyst expectations of 172 million euros, up 28%; sales rose 25 percent to 561.5 million euros, an increase at constant exchange rates 17%, while same-store sales rose 13%, compared to 22 percent in the first half of the rate of increase has slowed.

Markets, Asia and the Americas market sales growth has slowed down: the Chinese market in the doldrums, the magnitude of the region’s economic growth slowed more than expected; the US market due to the stronger dollar have impacted on foreign visitors to the region has brought the luxury industry a significant impact; Italy Region sales of about one fifth of total sales, increased by only 3 percent in the first three quarters, sales in other parts of Europe remained stable growth.

Fashion Preview of Moncler Art for Love Exhibit

for Moncler's Art for Love exhibit.
for Moncler’s Art for Love exhibit.

The Moncler president was speaking recently before the label unveils a private exhibit at the New York Public Library featuring the work of 32 of the most celebrated names in fashion photography on Thursday night. This story first appeared in the September 10, 2015 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Curated by Fabien Baron, the editorial director of Interview magazine, the group includes Patrick Demarchelier, Arthur Elgort, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber and many others. Ruffini asked each of them to shoot Moncler Outlet Maya duvet jacket — which was designed the year the brand was founded in 1952 — however they wanted for the group show. “It’s something really incredible because we gave [the photographers] the freedom; we didn’t give them any brief,” Ruffini says. “We said you have to do exactly you, and that was really the key.”

The resulting images couldn’t be more varied. Hans Feurer shot model Hana Jirickova at the Place de la Concorde in Paris — the relatively straightforward photo was inspired by “a strong, self-confident woman.” Paolo Roversi, meanwhile, wanted to capture “first adventures,” so he shot his daughter, Stella, near the Pont Alexandre III bridge over the Seine at 3 a.m. Pamela Hanson shot one of her muses, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, in her Chelsea apartment in order to depict the jacket in the most “natural way.”

Others strayed from candid snapshots. Raymond Meier propped a silver mannequin up inside what appears to be a walk-in refrigerator, for example, while Brigitte Lacombe used a cat as her model. “You really see the jacket but in different ways,” Ruffini says. “In some pictures it looks like a sports jacket, in some pictures it looks like a piece of art.”

Called “Art for Love,” the exhibit will support the HIV and AIDS research organization amfAR through a silent auction — also available through Paddle 8 — at a dinner Thursday expected to draw some of the top names in fashion photography, such as Terry Richardson, Vinoodh Matadin and Inez Van Lamsweerde, plus the participants in this exhibit and their muses. Funds will go toward amfAR’s “Countdown to a Cure” project, which aims to find a cure for AIDS by 2020.