Moncler jackets jointly launched cooperation with New Era New

Moncler Outlet UK and New Era together create creative baseball cap series. New Era is the US Major League Baseball and the National Football League official supplier, providing long-term well-designed, highly personalized baseball cap for the both world’s top league. As a popular global fashion items, New Era baseball cap has won numerous NBA basketball star and hip-hop artists of all ages. This, Moncler ingenuity with aesthetic design typical of the brand integration of New Era’s fashion trends, and strive to create a timeless classic fashion accessories.


Since the seventies of last century, baseball cap hip-hop music and became a symbol of youthful and dynamic. Moncler Jacket Outlet New Era to join together to explore new areas of fashion – to learn cultural elements of different styles, innovative interpretation of the basketball and street culture is closely related to the art baseball cap. The series total pure white baseball cap, pleasing red, cool black three designs to the AU can gaze Moncler Sale exclusive glossy nylon fabric is refined, along with appropriateness comfortable cotton lining, it can be described as the pursuit of eye-catching style and Oakley Australia comfort the best choice for fashion. The new alliance can gaze Moncler & New Era baseball cap special series will cooperate in October 2015 fully landed alliance can gaze Moncler brand stores, Moncler official website as well as New Era stores.

January 2015 – October, Moncler UK core profit totaled 174.5 million euros, substantially in line with analyst expectations of 172 million euros, up 28%; sales rose 25 percent to 561.5 million euros, an increase at constant exchange rates 17%, while same-store sales rose 13%, compared to 22 percent in the first half of the rate of increase has slowed.

Markets, Asia and the Americas market sales growth has slowed down: the Chinese market in the doldrums, the magnitude of the region’s economic growth slowed more than expected; the US market due to the stronger dollar have impacted on foreign visitors to the region has brought the luxury industry a significant impact; Italy Region sales of about one fifth of total sales, increased by only 3 percent in the first three quarters, sales in other parts of Europe remained stable growth.