Moncler 2015 Fall Winter League can gaze sporty interpretation of a different kind

UNITA can gaze Moncler 2015 autumn and winter series is now available for men and women, it will be fully subvert your heart “Moncler = Down” impression! Interpretation by different designers Moncler Gamme Bleu series, Moncler Gamme Rouge series, Moncler Grenoble series and Moncler main series have demonstrated different styles of clothing movement connotation.

Surgeon designer Thom Browne Moncler Gamme Bleu brand men’s professional sports apparel has always been good and exquisite hand-cut art blend classical tradition Moncler down jackets traditional silhouette Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Australia design, eyeing valiant jockey uniforms and traditional costumes jockey geometric prints and other design elements in a more fine detail rendering again. Autumn and winter series of clothing styles include suits, sport coats, Chesterfield coats, windbreakers, capes, cardigan sweaters, POLO shirt, pants length, have revealed unique retro charm.

Designer Giambattista Valli design of Moncler Outlet Gamme Rouge women, then attention turned to the purest British style, and its essence to restructure. Dress elements and rough but elegant country he rambled the colored tweed and tartan simple “Prince of Wales” grid lines consisting of the match, creating a delicate mixing. More than ever, design is more emphasis on the waist line cut, and mastery of haute couture costume design spirit and sports resort casual style.

Moncler Grenoble autumn and winter series is a “Love Factory”, a distinctive movement style, with a variety of technical elements and high-performance elements to create a life of leisure for the city with a variety of occasions, multi-use Cheap Michael Kors Outlet clothing. Inspired by the retro elements, especially the last century, the sixties and seventies design elements give a new definition. Use tight-fitting moncler jackets outlet contour design, seemingly complicated mosaic textures and geometric style carefully crafted cladding and quilting, deftly creating a simple curve to highlight the effect of the body. Series also for aspiring climbers follow the footsteps of lovers prepared through high altitude and low temperature testing of professional clothing.

The main series brand for men and women, adhering to tradition, the city will be filled with sporty style combined with concise pragmatism, creating more demand for contemporary urban life of fall and winter clothing.