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Moncler Jackets can have today’s achievements, who called . Lufu Ni, 54-year-old Italian man contributed a little more direct say, if not Mr. bags, it is not known Moncler Outlet everybody today.
He is on his career in his father opened a clothing company, to the mid-1980s, he started his own clothing brand, named New England, a look that is obsessed with his own school days in the United States. “I was 22 years old, he stepped into the fashion industry, very early. I created a style inspired by the New England brand, I like the way they dress.” Then, in operation for the own brand 18 years later, in 2000, he sold the company.

moncler jacket ouelet
Mr. bags certainly will not meet on their own life experience beyond this, he began to find that brand acquisitions, “necessarily need to be a country with a good history of the brand, I am very familiar with Cheap Moncler UK, because in the 1980s, when it Italy is very popular. “Mr. bags remember his 14-year-old Lake Como windy day put life first Moncler, since this brand produced inextricably linked,” I know I need some History precipitate things, if you do not choose a story and history of the new brand, it becomes a very difficult job. “Interestingly, Mr. bags idea began after the acquisition, but also specifically to go to work for a few Moncler month, in order to determine this in the end is not a good takeover target. In 2003, he finally shot. Moncler Outlet is actually 1952 when founded by two mountain climbers, tents and sleeping bags product is initially known, in 1954, they began producing functional jacket, also with the French ski team set off the Winter Olympics.

Find the “brand still sleeping,” Mr. bags first step to do is to improve the quality of the product. He just took the time, Moncler through licensing to allow product manufacturers around the world, Mr. bags will buy back all of these manufacturers, turned themselves full control, whereby all products are manufactured in Europe and Italy. In addition, Moncler Women spent a lot of time looking for the high-quality fabrics, also put a lot of research and development with science and technology component of the fabric. The second step is to move from a sporting goods store Moncler out, moved into fashion shops. Moreover, Mr. bags understand that to really up fashion, a fashion designer who must benefit from them, so Moncler Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe designer tie, former Balenciaga designer, Nicolas Ghesquière incumbent LV Designer Replica  have to launch through the mini-series.

2006, when, in order to give a deeper Moncler branded fashion brand, has invited Mr. bags former creative director Alessandra Facchinetti Valentino launched a high-end product line Moncler Gamme Rouge Line, 2009 after three years, with the series of high-end men’s products line is also on the line, to 2010, is known as a more innovative, more scientific and technological content of products line interview. At the launch of these product lines, Mr. bags approach is “on show” – fashion show in Paris, Milan menswear show, even in New York’s Central Station held new release. How? Totally fashion brand approach, right? But Mr. bags has denied he was doing a course on the business of fashion, “I am very focused on our products, all aimed at everything on that piece down jacket. My strategy that is, for every customer, every generation, men or women, have provided a down jacket that we did not in the creation of fashion. ”


Hey, man, you are a bit tangled it, but, uh, this approach and years of wind and water Uniqlo these somewhat similar, are dressed in trendy coat, the kernel is the product itself to fight the practice, consumer looking specifically for fashion this thing pay – wearing feel station together with fashion, but in fact it is the product itself so that consumers became repeat customers.
Perishable fashion, this sense Mr. bags understand yet, “We do not say we are so keen fashion system, we hope to create a product that can wear clothes for many years, it will not end with the ebb and flow of fashion and was particularly into When or outdated. If consumers are satisfied with your product, you can feel a put for many years, the relationship between the brand and the customer will be particularly tough. “Mr. bags this core strategic products almost desperate in that pieces down jacket, Moncler jacket he hopes can be as Levi’s 501, the same can be like Burberry trench coat has become a symbol of product, so the brand no matter go, will succeed.

Is that so? Analysts are a bit worried, Moncler now 85% of sales come from that jacket, and if people suddenly tired of this dress, Moncler how to do? Mr. bags say, if they really want just produce something suitable for summer wear something, Moncler affixed label, simple enough, but he did not want to do this, he wants to go to the customer Moncler Outlet UK shop, flew to recognize it, oh this is the Moncler shop. “I do not want to bury our history – yes, in Naples (the largest city in southern Italy) in June and July, we may no longer marketable everything, but we do not care, we care about it is how our own stories, build A strong brand, “Mr. bags say they are developing thin and light, suitable for children to wear a hot day down jacket – Down but is in the creation of classic products of this matter, Moncler indeed still some way to go! expand the product line things, you can slowly think.

And most fashion creative director and brand managers have full-time staff as different, in Moncler, Mr. bags both creative director, is CEO. He felt that the benefits of doing so, he can see the panoramic companies from the creative, marketing to management, these functions need to interact with each other, “For me, to do the creative and management are two people do not make sense too the All everything all in my hands, let everything roll up both easier and faster to adapt to market changes, more accurately convey my idea. I said, you Moncler emperor had changed his name. But you do not say , the emperor really careful Moncler visionary (why some people are born businessman?!). Over the past few years, when most luxury brands are actively and enthusiastically cultivated open market in China, the Mr. bags was wondering, “Wait, too dangerous, too steeped in a market, the brand image and awareness are unfavorable. “Moncler worldwide has more than 180 the number of stores in China is more than 20.


This year, Moncler Outlet in Asia’s largest market, Japan (China in second) out of the world’s second largest flagship store, opening day, the door was full of Japanese local customers and Chinese tourists, taking pictures constantly since. Moncler also strange city near the equator, Singapore opened a shop, “in a place where there is no winter, the shop is not easy, but we need at the right place, and a very important market to build relationships.” Do not forget, Singapore every year the influx of many business travelers and tourists, they may be able to Moncler buyers. Mr. bags think the world is changing too fast, the Internet is the reorganization of the world. “Three years ago, the US market is not very good, the development of the Japanese market, and now the situation is just the opposite.” So for him to understand what is happening particularly important strategy must also adjust to the daily rate. We feel that Mr. bags simply Moncler soul. Compared to the risk of relying on a single product jacket of this strategy, Mr. bags the correctness of the decision itself, and when the company can be found really understand the brand’s successor, is the analysts only need to really worry about a thing.

MONCLER 2015 trip to Antarctica

Follow Chogori (K2) footprint –2014, the explorers wearing Cheap MonclerJackets clothing UNITA can gaze aspirations Chogori again, it can not help but recall the glory away feat in 1954. Vaguely, but after sixty years of overload witness a bond can gaze Moncler alliance with extreme adventure sports, Antarctica Tour 2015 will once again open a new chapter. UNITA can gaze Moncler will join renowned explorer Michele Pontrandolfo challenge to the world’s first trip to the South Pole alone. Brave adventurers will be starting in November 2015, it is scheduled for January 2016 arrival.



Extreme cold weather for the South Pole, the Union can gaze Moncler Man is Pontrandolfo tailor created all the technical equipment, seemingly ordinary clothes but combines the superior performance, functionality and the technical clothing to the limit.

Michele Pontrandolfo can be described as the greatest explorer of Italian international, it has so far carried out more than fourteen times a polar expedition. Particularly worth mentioning is that, Michele arrived at the geographic North Pole alone in 2012, and from north to south through the whole of Greenland. In addition, Michele Pontrandolfo is covered a wide range of moncler outlet uk for sports madman, good athletics, mountain biking, downhill skiing and skydiving and other sports, has created more than 400 high-altitude parachute landing amazing record. The news from the web >>>

It is such an extraordinary experience can not help feeling its abundant energy and fearless courage. Surprisingly, Michele Pontrandolfo who always flowing natured calm after the sails had to do, even if he is about to leave in mid-November, into an incredible new adventure; will walk on an oasis in the ice, alone against minus 40-50 ℃ The cold wind; will meet the dual challenge of climate extremes and psychological ups and downs, control the powerful inner world of cheap moncler jackets adventure to complete an unprecedented feat. Michele has repeatedly emphasized that everyone has a strong heart, “I do not agree with ‘Challenge’ is a word. My experience just to prove that everyone can complete the so-called ‘feat’. When every day is about to end it, a I think that is today able to give others confidence, so that more people achieve goals that you set, I would think this is a full and meaningful day. reach a small goal every day, over time will benefit, is called ‘plot A short step, a thousand miles’. ”

2015 Antarctic journey different from the past, Michele Pontrandolfo set itself a more stringent targets. He plans across the vast Antarctic continent within three months, arrived in the geographic South Pole. He will face from 0 to 3800 meters of elevation drop, or even to walk alone 4000 km in the ice kingdom. Magnificent Antarctic ice sheet, under the snow contains infinite strength, non-physical fitness can not conquer. Moreover, traveling alone need to have a strong mind. According to optimistic estimates, adventure route with the nearest human settlement 1,500 kilometers apart. Healthy and stable state of mind in order to ensure they are not eroded long loneliness. Faced with such a challenge, even the minutiae of negligence, may cause irretrievable losses, attendant perhaps fatal. It is full of infinite variables and risk endless journey. “It is awe to my safe return,” Michele simple rustic language journey sentiment could go on: “It is even more loyal to the fact that rational and keep imperial police state naturally bears Armageddon absolute power. Everything human beings have is a gift of nature, ice or natural elements gave me strength whenever cold wind swept face, body and mind feel freedom, reminding us of scenes a new life, even if sometimes the wind was too strong, blurring the horizon . between heaven and earth only a blaze of glory before the wind with me through the long road, the wind and the line is terrific. All the equipment and supplies are shipped in weighing 11 kg, up to 2.4 meters on a trailer, when the trailer as black and white downwind Kay after huge snow sled kite Fula Er, suddenly a lot of light. ”

Michele Pontrandolfo Last added: “The cooperation with the AU can gaze Moncler ON Sale very pleasant, quite a tacit understanding with each other, whether technical, organizational or support guide levels, are like the heart have everything perfect fit can gaze Moncler Jacket Sale Union by virtue of the garment material. a thorough understanding and deep research, my tailor a range of high performance technical clothing to meet all the needs of expedition, including the extremely tiny details of the requirements. ”

Polar explorer will be wearing a Union Department Grey ice cold gaze Moncler Outlet clothing Open 2015 Antarctica trip. The series of clothing inspired by the AU can gaze Moncler 2015-16 winter series of unique technical design, functional jacket gives superior performance and high-tech factor. Novel and unique style design and into the pure color into neat, white, mysterious black, crimson, blue, green are exquisite. Main technical performance and design details include high impermeability, water resistance, low temperature accessories, joint locks thermal technology, thermal insulation resistance, high fill factor to ensure the best comfort to experience extreme conditions.

For booming Moncler Outlet, it’s all about the jackets

One item took centre stage at the opening of Moncler’s flagship store in Tokyo. Divia Harilela discovers it’s all about the jacket

Moncler Jackets take pride of place in the Tokyo store.

Extravagant store openings are becoming few and far between in this part of the world, but that wasn’t the case in Tokyo last week when luxury brand Moncler opened its second global flagship store in the exclusive Ginza district. Outside the boutique Japanese and Chinese tourists were taking selfies alongside a group of Moncler monogrammed VW Beetle cars while guests were treated to an arts festival.

This included a meet-and-greet with LA-based artists FriendsWithYou, a celebrity photoshoot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson and a DJ set by designer and Kanye West co-collaborator Virgil Abloh.

Business at Moncler Outlet UK is booming, unlike many other luxury brands affected by the China slowdown, volatile stock market and a weakening euro. In June, the company reported consolidated revenue of €295.8 million (HK$2.53 billion), a healthy 35 per cent increase over the previous financial year. CEO and creative director Remo Ruffini says the brand’s enduring success is due to one simple strategy.

“I am very focused on our product. It’s all about the jacket. My strategy is to have a jacket for every customer and every generation, men and women. We are not in the business of making fashion,” he says.

Plenty has been written about Moncler’s transformation from a functional skiwear Label into a highly prized global luxury brand, and Ruffini has played the starring role.

Born in Italy, the fashion marketing graduate began his career working for his father’s company that designed and marketed a range of clothing labels. By the mid-1980s he launched his own fashion business called the New England Company, which featured preppy classics inspired by his time studying in the US.

“I started very early, when I was 22 years old. I invented a brand from scratch that was inspired by the mood of New England. I loved the way they dressed so we built the brand on this preppy idea. After 18 years I sold my company in 2000.

“It was then that I started to look for a brand to buy. It had to have a good history and Moncler was familiar because it was very popular in the 1980s in Italy. I worked there for a couple of months first to really understand if it was the right one. I knew I needed something with heritage – when you start a new brand with no heritage or story it’s a different job,” says Ruffini.

Moncler was originally a French brand, founded in 1952 by two alpinists in Grenoble, and was known for its tents and sleeping bags. In 1954, it started producing functional down jackets, which would later be worn by the French ski team for the Winter Olympics. By the ’80s the brand was a favourite with fashionable Italian teenagers including Ruffini, who remembers snagging his first Moncler Jackets Outlet at the age of 14.

By the time Ruffini bought the brand in 2002 it had lost some of its cool factor. But the entrepreneur saw its potential.

“The fact it was all about one product was a plus for me. The only way to keep the attention of a customer is to propose something unique that was the best in its category, with a strong identity,” he says.

Friends With You founders Arturo Sandoval III (left) and Samuel Albert Borkson meet fans at Cheap Moncler’s Tokyo store.

Over the next few years Ruffini made it his mission to dominate the luxury goods market by celebrating Moncler’s most prized possession – its iconic down jackets, including the bestselling Maya (which is experiencing a surge in sales thanks to its appearance in a recent music video by rapper Drake).

In 2006, Ruffini launched Cheap Moncler Jackets Gamme Rouge, a luxe women’s collection, which continues to be designed by French couturier Giambattista Valli. A similar line for men called Gamme Bleu was launched in 2009 and is overseen by New York designer Thom Browne. Both collections are shown during international fashion weeks, further adding to their style cachet.

Ruffini also made it a point to invite high-profile fashion designers and pop culture figures, including Junya Watanabe, Pharrell Williams and Chitose Abe of Sacai, to create exclusive styles or collections for the brand. For the Tokyo opening he enlisted FriendsWithYou to customise the Maya jacket with their cast of smiling graphic clouds and monsters. The brand has also dabbled in other lifestyle categories such as suitcases (with Rimowa) and sunglasses.

Remo Ruffini, Moncler CEO and creative director

“It’s very interesting to talk to creative designers and artists. The mix of the two gives us a strong energy and each person brings a new vision to the brand and customer each time. It’s not a question of creating fashion, but showing different customers how the jacket can fit into their lives. Giamba’s is good for ladies who love parties, while Thom’s is for contemporary men. Pharrell’s was for the younger guy. Sacai’s was very Japanese, something sweet and romantic,” he says.

Unlike many owners, Ruffini is both the company’s creative director and CEO. When he’s not working on the business side – which included a successful IPO in 2013 – he is coming up with fresh ways to tell the story of the jacket. “The good thing is that you can have total vision – creativity, marketing, managing. They feed off each other. It’s an added value. I think it would be difficult to run a luxury company when the CEO is one person and the creative director is another. It doesn’t make sense to me. Everything is under my control, it’s easy to move fast and adapt to the market and pass through the right ideas,” he says.

Although Ruffini’s business acumen has paid off for investors since the brand’s IPO, insiders have raised concerns about the longevity of the down jacket, especially in a world where the climate is changing fast. To date the brand has limited offerings for the spring-summer season, which some view as a potential problem.

“We don’t want to betray our roots. We were born in the Alps and need to keep the image and DNA of the brand, and not confuse the customer. My vision is long term. I’m always thinking what will happen in the next 10 years. Investors have a short vision. For me the quarter is not important; what’s important is what’s happening in 2018.”

That hasn’t stopped Ruffini from opening more than 20 stores this year, including the flagship in Tokyo. While Moncler is not new to Japan – it was one of the first markets he entered – he is hoping the new store will attract the travelling Chinese consumer, a segment that every luxury brand is hoping to tap into.

“For Asia, Japan is the biggest market, followed by China then Korea. Honestly, I care more about the Chinese customers because they travel a lot. It’s important to build a strong strategy in China; not necessarily sell the product there.

“In the past few years China was almost too easy to enter. I always thought let’s wait, it could be dangerous, and oversaturating the market is not good for image and brand perception. We have only 23 stores there and in other places we have 70. We have increased our Chinese customer base around the world, but our Chinese business is still very healthy,” he says.

Although 2015 is turning out to be a banner year, there is uncertainty as 2016 approaches.

“The world changes very fast. The digital world has changed macronomics. The US three years ago was a disaster, and Japan was booming. Now it’s the opposite. What used to take a year, now takes two days. It’s all too volatile, so it’s important for me to understand what’s going on and adopt a daily strategy to be on track,” he says.

If all else fails, there is always his alternative career of choice.

“I would be a hotelier or work in interior design, but I would never do this in the world of Moncler,” he says.