Moncler Outlet and Erdem’s Arctic journey

This will be a month to remember for one of my favourite designers, and fellow Montrealer, Erdem Moralioglu. Along with the madness that is preparing for his upcoming spring/summer 2016 shows all around the world, September sees a series of firsts for the designer. Not only has he opened his first store after 10 years with his own label – on Mayfair’s South Audley Street, it’s a truly beautiful expression of all that his brand stands for – but he is also about to launch a collaboration with Moncler Outlet Uk, the French-Italian quilted jacket maestro.

Moncler x Erdem autumn/winter 2015

In this playful, limited-edition collection, Erdem follows in the footsteps of Alessandra Facchinetti and Sacai’s Chitose Abe, two other lauded credible creative directors who were cannily brought on board to breathe new life into an iconic, but let’s face it, pretty simple winter staple. It’s all part of Remo Ruffini’s genius plan to resuscitate Moncler as a super brand. Previously, the puffer jacket was worn more for its snug utility than its style on the slopes. But Ruffini’s secret sauce has turned the jacket and its recognisable logo into a desirable fashion item you can wear anywhere, with a luxury price tag to boot.

Thus for the last several autumn/winter seasons, Moncler Sale has created a limited-edition capsule collection alongside the myriad of other ranges it releases (its sub-labels include Moncler Gamme Rouge, the haute couture line currently designed by Giambattista Valli and shown in Paris; Moncler Gamme Bleu, designed by Thom Browne; and Moncler Outlet Grenoble, all sitting next to the main Moncler line). The latest, unveiled in stores this month, is Erdem’s one-off capsule collection entitled Moncler E.

Moncler x Erdem autumn/winter 2015

Eschewing Moncler’s signature utilitarian quilting, Erdem’s take on outerwear is seriously romantic and fantastical. Imagine if the Russian imperial family had made it to the 1960s instead of coming to a sticky end in the 1020s and were on a winter escapade to the Arctic, travelling in the royal carriages of the Orient Express…you get the picture.

Erdem has managed to create a dramatic outerwear range by using fabrics such as jacquard and cloqué, embellished with embroideries and sophisticated details such as Swarovski crystals; fit for a princess or even us mere mortals. Fox fur and shearling are luscious details, while the silhouettes are highly constructed shapes with clear-cut geometric lines. These pieces would have kept Nicole Kidman equally snug and stylish between takes while filming The Golden Compass.

With this collaboration, Erdem is demonstrating yet again that he is a master of storytelling. As with each of his own collections, he excels at having a fully-formed journey in his mind’s eye to serve as his imaginative starting point. That’s why it’s so exciting to be packing our suitcases and tagging along with him this September.

2015-16 MONCLER autumn and winter series of ads

Alliance moncler stare 2015-16 from Nordic adventures legend, Russian and Slavic classic folk legend in inspiration, reproduction of the fairy tale in the ice field legend. The alliance can stare moncler sale together again in American Photography leader Annie Leibovitz, to create a new series of large advertising. During filming, specially invited file super popular siblings supermodel lucky Smith and Pyper Smith to assume the task of investigating the large tracts of the protagonist, two people will be played in the fairy tale of twin siblings. And in real life, Lucky and three sisters Pyper, Starlie and Daisy composed of Atomics The band.

2015-16 MONCLER autumn and winter series of ads – ice area legend
MONCLER 2015-16 winter series of large advertising.

The Au can be Moncler again based on innovation from the perspective of gaze out of the ordinary, convey the connotation of the brand through the new in order to be different methods. In gorgeous fairy tale as the background, starting from the point of view of the narrator of the story plot layer spread gradually show the brand style and values. And in the past, their own independent advertising is different, this series has a coherent story, together tell a complete fairy tale. The novel and unique creative alliance can make Moncler Outlet Uk Lai this series of works to talent showing itself, artistic value beyond the traditional fashion.

2015-16 MONCLER autumn and winter series of ads – ice area legend

Decoration simple, distinctive style of the shooting scene is memorable, its source of inspiration in a variety of cultural elements, from Tolkien’s novel, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “the snow queen” to the Russian and other Slavic folklore in the old witch Baba Yaga Baba Yaga), the collision of unexpected artistic effect. In order to ensure the originality is not subject to site constraints, the alliance stare moncler outlet online inventive will shoot in the southeastern part of the island, with captivating ice fields to the beauty of natural stage. Between heaven and earth only unbelievable Yee King, away from the hubbub of the pure land, boundless snow, very dreamy and magnificent. Spinner and under the waterfall, the magnificent vast ice sheets, delicate magnificent wind eroded rocks, flashing clever glaciers, together constitute the fairy tale scene. Warm and soft warm winter, the waves gently tap the dreamy beach. In to the main tone of ice and snow scene, black volcanic ash scattered everywhere, in the crystal clear ice faintly visible, giving the snow wrapped world of ice and snow with a unique charm.

MONCLER 2015-16 winter series of large advertising.

The fairy tale endings contain a symbolic meaning, which can stimulate the infinite potential and eliminate all the suffering and pain. Floating in the air of a trace of spring, the warm spring breeze caressed the earth, awakening of moss wet and soft and thick warm lichens. Sunny interwoven into the large gold awn breeds or green or brown little life, a lot of grey black element foil a white poetic, harmonious colors and refined style jointly created the such as movies like exquisite picture. This is the elder sister younger brother two people from the heart of the trip, in the profound meaning of the fairy tale world experience ups and eternal, together with the dreamy taste wonderful feeling. From another point of view, the story of the exploration of the journey represents a dialogue between people and nature, a happy ending means that people and nature of the harmonious coexistence. Nature is not only a fashionable set, also is no longer the human world foil. The picturesque scenery is silent to tell the true meaning of everything – nature is the eternal protagonist. As the alliance Lai Moncler always uphold the brand values — live in harmony with nature of the sincere wish.

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