Moncler Jackets can have today’s achievements, who called . Lufu Ni, 54-year-old Italian man contributed a little more direct say, if not Mr. bags, it is not known Moncler Outlet everybody today.
He is on his career in his father opened a clothing company, to the mid-1980s, he started his own clothing brand, named New England, a look that is obsessed with his own school days in the United States. “I was 22 years old, he stepped into the fashion industry, very early. I created a style inspired by the New England brand, I like the way they dress.” Then, in operation for the own brand 18 years later, in 2000, he sold the company.

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Mr. bags certainly will not meet on their own life experience beyond this, he began to find that brand acquisitions, “necessarily need to be a country with a good history of the brand, I am very familiar with Cheap Moncler UK, because in the 1980s, when it Italy is very popular. “Mr. bags remember his 14-year-old Lake Como windy day put life first Moncler, since this brand produced inextricably linked,” I know I need some History precipitate things, if you do not choose a story and history of the new brand, it becomes a very difficult job. “Interestingly, Mr. bags idea began after the acquisition, but also specifically to go to work for a few Moncler month, in order to determine this in the end is not a good takeover target. In 2003, he finally shot. Moncler Outlet is actually 1952 when founded by two mountain climbers, tents and sleeping bags product is initially known, in 1954, they began producing functional jacket, also with the French ski team set off the Winter Olympics.

Find the “brand still sleeping,” Mr. bags first step to do is to improve the quality of the product. He just took the time, Moncler through licensing to allow product manufacturers around the world, Mr. bags will buy back all of these manufacturers, turned themselves full control, whereby all products are manufactured in Europe and Italy. In addition, Moncler Women spent a lot of time looking for the high-quality fabrics, also put a lot of research and development with science and technology component of the fabric. The second step is to move from a sporting goods store Moncler out, moved into fashion shops. Moreover, Mr. bags understand that to really up fashion, a fashion designer who must benefit from them, so Moncler Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe designer tie, former Balenciaga designer, Nicolas Ghesquière incumbent LV Designer Replica  have to launch through the mini-series.

2006, when, in order to give a deeper Moncler branded fashion brand, has invited Mr. bags former creative director Alessandra Facchinetti Valentino launched a high-end product line Moncler Gamme Rouge Line, 2009 after three years, with the series of high-end men’s products line is also on the line, to 2010, is known as a more innovative, more scientific and technological content of products line interview. At the launch of these product lines, Mr. bags approach is “on show” – fashion show in Paris, Milan menswear show, even in New York’s Central Station held new release. How? Totally fashion brand approach, right? But Mr. bags has denied he was doing a course on the business of fashion, “I am very focused on our products, all aimed at everything on that piece down jacket. My strategy that is, for every customer, every generation, men or women, have provided a down jacket that we did not in the creation of fashion. ”


Hey, man, you are a bit tangled it, but, uh, this approach and years of wind and water Uniqlo these somewhat similar, are dressed in trendy coat, the kernel is the product itself to fight the practice, consumer looking specifically for fashion this thing pay – wearing feel station together with fashion, but in fact it is the product itself so that consumers became repeat customers.
Perishable fashion, this sense Mr. bags understand yet, “We do not say we are so keen fashion system, we hope to create a product that can wear clothes for many years, it will not end with the ebb and flow of fashion and was particularly into When or outdated. If consumers are satisfied with your product, you can feel a put for many years, the relationship between the brand and the customer will be particularly tough. “Mr. bags this core strategic products almost desperate in that pieces down jacket, Moncler jacket he hopes can be as Levi’s 501, the same can be like Burberry trench coat has become a symbol of product, so the brand no matter go, will succeed.

Is that so? Analysts are a bit worried, Moncler now 85% of sales come from that jacket, and if people suddenly tired of this dress, Moncler how to do? Mr. bags say, if they really want just produce something suitable for summer wear something, Moncler affixed label, simple enough, but he did not want to do this, he wants to go to the customer Moncler Outlet UK shop, flew to recognize it, oh this is the Moncler shop. “I do not want to bury our history – yes, in Naples (the largest city in southern Italy) in June and July, we may no longer marketable everything, but we do not care, we care about it is how our own stories, build A strong brand, “Mr. bags say they are developing thin and light, suitable for children to wear a hot day down jacket – Down but is in the creation of classic products of this matter, Moncler indeed still some way to go! expand the product line things, you can slowly think.

And most fashion creative director and brand managers have full-time staff as different, in Moncler, Mr. bags both creative director, is CEO. He felt that the benefits of doing so, he can see the panoramic companies from the creative, marketing to management, these functions need to interact with each other, “For me, to do the creative and management are two people do not make sense too the All everything all in my hands, let everything roll up both easier and faster to adapt to market changes, more accurately convey my idea. I said, you Moncler emperor had changed his name. But you do not say , the emperor really careful Moncler visionary (why some people are born businessman?!). Over the past few years, when most luxury brands are actively and enthusiastically cultivated open market in China, the Mr. bags was wondering, “Wait, too dangerous, too steeped in a market, the brand image and awareness are unfavorable. “Moncler worldwide has more than 180 the number of stores in China is more than 20.


This year, Moncler Outlet in Asia’s largest market, Japan (China in second) out of the world’s second largest flagship store, opening day, the door was full of Japanese local customers and Chinese tourists, taking pictures constantly since. Moncler also strange city near the equator, Singapore opened a shop, “in a place where there is no winter, the shop is not easy, but we need at the right place, and a very important market to build relationships.” Do not forget, Singapore every year the influx of many business travelers and tourists, they may be able to Moncler buyers. Mr. bags think the world is changing too fast, the Internet is the reorganization of the world. “Three years ago, the US market is not very good, the development of the Japanese market, and now the situation is just the opposite.” So for him to understand what is happening particularly important strategy must also adjust to the daily rate. We feel that Mr. bags simply Moncler soul. Compared to the risk of relying on a single product jacket of this strategy, Mr. bags the correctness of the decision itself, and when the company can be found really understand the brand’s successor, is the analysts only need to really worry about a thing.